The Paul Hindemith Project



The Paul Hindemith Project is a true labor of love. Ever since finding a tattered old score of his trumpet sonata at the age of 13, taking it to the piano and hearing his wonderful harmonic language for the first time, I understood that Hindemith was one of the composers I have a true affinity with.  Since then, some of my most memorable and emotionally powerful moments on stage have been performing his works with dear friends and colleagues.  

Upon learning later that this towering genius had composed sonatas for every instrument with piano, I knew that studying the entire oeuvre was something I had to do.  At first I envisioned creating a Paul Hindemith festival, playing the entire cycle over several weeks, but as luck would have it, Little Cottage Records has generously afforded us the opportunity of recording them all, and at a more leisurely pace.  Some of the best musicians in Atlanta, and indeed the world, are teaming up to set them all down in fresh new interpretations that will humbly pay homage to this truly great, somewhat misunderstood and maligned master of twentieth century composition.  

Check back here often, as we plan to bring new records and media out on a regular basis.  Recordings may also be found at Little Cottage Records homesite,, as well as all of the major online distributors.  


Please enjoy a short film about the recording of Hindemith's horn sonatas with Richard Deane, associate principal horn of the NY Philharmonic.